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AgileDevServices is an international IT service company headquartered in Lithuania, with representative offices in the Netherlands and the USA. The main features and advantages of our company are streamlined processes and developed culture. AgileDevServices project management standards and services are grounded on Agile (Scrum) and extreme programming principles (XP).

We implement your ideas and help you in a difficult technological situation. AgileDevServices provides a full range of Software Development services: from prototyping to product implementation and technical support. In particular, we integrate software with various internal and external systems, refactor complex code, and migrate applications to the cloud infrastructure.

The company's technology expertise is based on Java. In addition, we are experienced in creating applications with Node.js, Groovy and Kotlin. AgileDevServices specialists develop backends for web and desktop applications, cloud solutions and microservices. We also have excellent experience in frontend development using JavaScript and related web technologies: HTML5/JS/CSS, AJAX, Angular.js, React.js, Redux, Vue.js.

We implement CI/CD, Test Automation, Unit testing on all our projects.

We are focused on long-term cooperation with clients and prefer complex and interesting tasks with technological complexity. We cooperate with major companies located around the world.

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Our Recognitions
Our company provides a high level of service through the comprehensive approach to work on projects.


Why choose AgileDevServices?

Our company provides a high level of service through the comprehensive approach to work on projects. As practice shows, successful development and product scaling is possible only with competent planning, timely implementation of the best development practices and maintaining a friendly atmosphere in the team. Therefore, even if you need only one service, specific specialists or the implementation of separate approaches, cooperating with us you can be sure that your request will be met comprehensively and with additional benefits.

We offer:

  • Consulting. Regardless of the type of service, we advise our customers on improving the processes and technological component of the project, we offer new ideas for the implementation of the necessary practices for your product.
  • Professional management of your project. From the outset of work on the project, our managers build processes in such a way as to ensure the greatest efficiency of the team and the required speed of the new version releases of the product.
  • Implementation of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (СI/CD). With a customized СI/CD process, code parts of software written by developers are immediately embedded into the system and tested daily. We implement СI/CD in all projects we work on.
  • Regular deliveries. Thanks to the timely implementation of CI/CD and Test Automation, we manage to establish regular deliveries of the product with full confidence in its high quality. We provide deliveries of new functionality every 1-2 weeks.
  • Confidence in stability, development and growth opportunities as well as low-cost support for your product. We achieve such a high result with the help of the engineering approach, timely implementation of the best development and testing practices together with competent management.

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