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IT Consulting

IT Consulting is a comprehensive assistance of experts in the field of Software Development and process management, which helps IT companies to get out of a difficult situation and optimize processes, increase profitability and master new markets.

IT Consulting is the key for solving absolutely different challenges

IT Consulting is the key for solving absolutely different challenges

  • Do you want to improve the quality of the product, polish the company's image and force the competitive advantage of your company?
  • Do you want to start cooperation with larger and solvent businesses?
  • Do you intend to enter the international market and increase sales?
  • Do you plan to optimize the processes in the company and implement an effective risk management system?
  • Are you thinking how to reduce costs for the introduction of modern technologies?
  • Do you want to obtain support and a clear plan to get out of a crisis?
  • Do you intend to reduce turnover of labor and build a stable development team that will not have a bus factor (will not be strongly dependent on the company)?
AgileDevServices consultants have the necessary knowledge and experience
to deal with such issues


Why is it worth contacting AgileDevServices?

Analysis and honest assessment of the situation by a third-party expert
  • We build honest and open relationships with the founders and the team.
  • We listen to all parties and comprehensively analyze the project in order to provide an unbiased assessment of the situation in the company.
Identification of the depth of problems
  • We analyze all found problems in depth before issuing a verdict and initiating changes.
  • We work at the level of cultural paradigms, not temporary improvements.
Establishing the company's development strategy
  • Based on the results of the analysis, we provide a detailed plan that contains the description of each stage of improvement that your company will pass.
Rational cost reduction
  • We reduce costs for development by implementing practices that are most effective for a particular project.
  • We provide an improvement plan, and we also help introduce innovations painlessly.
Lean approach
  • We do not change thoughtlessly everything that has been built for years.
  • We maintain a calm, friendly climate within the team, which allows companies to go through a difficult stage of change without loss or dismissal.

Our principles

  • Comprehensive expert support in the field of Software Development and process Management

Types of consulting services


Our warranties

  • Complete confidentiality. Before we start working together, we sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
  • Close cooperation and transparency. After analyzing your project, we will prepare a presentation on the necessary improvements, jointly determine KPIs and deadlines. In the process of work, we constantly keep in touch and begin to implement changes only after your approval.
  • In-depth analysis of the situation on the project. We will analyze your business processes, management strategy, business opportunities and challenges.
  • Assistance in the implementation of changes. If necessary, we will get acquainted with your team, conduct retrospectives, and introduce our manager to your team for temporary management of processes under agreed conditions.
  • Convenient way of cooperation. We can work remotely or in your office. We will also select the types of services that are relevant for you.
  • Continuous analysis of the situation. We regularly make an assessment of the effectiveness of the measures taken, if necessary, adjust the improvement strategy.
  • Providing complete reporting. We provide reports on the implemented changes and achieved goals.

Still have any questions? Contact us.

We will schedule our first communication, get acquainted with your problem
and help you choose the optimal solution taking into account your possibilities and needs.

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    1 Leave your project request. We will contact you and schedule a call.
    2 Signing of the NDA to ensure the project info confidentiality.
    Negotiation of your request and the required services.
    4 Team forming, coordination of workstages.
    5 Contract signing and project start.