• Test Automation

Test Automation

AgileDevServices provides automated and manual testing services. We work with projects of any complexity from different domains. We are trusted by large telecommunication companies and scientific startups, businesses in the field of finance and e-commerce.

Advantages of Automated Testing implementation on the project

AgileDevServices engineers will help you build the testing process on the project from scratch or make your QA team stronger.

Our Test Automation Services

Why is it worth contacting AgileDevServices?

Full range of Test Automation services
  • We automate all types of tests (integration, Unit, UI tests, etc.).
  • We test complex SOA applications and ensure the stability of long-term asynchronous processes.
  • We develop test frameworks.
High level of code coverage by autotests (from 85% and above)
  • We create automated tests for all important product interconnections and bottlenecks to eliminate risks of bugs during further product development.
Expandable autotests with a clear structure and reusable components
  • We ensure simple development of test coverage. You can easily develop and maintain the prepared autotests yourself.
  • Reusability of written components significantly reduces the cost of developing new tests.
Test process management
  • We do not only create autotests, but also build test processes from scratch.
  • We implement the necessary tools for convenient test management (TestRail, TestLink)

High-quality documentation
  • We accompany the created tests with detailed and easily understandable documentation.
  • After studying it, new QA engineers quickly immerse themselves in the company's test processes.

Autotests integration in CI/CD
  • We introduce the created autotests into your continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) process to benefit the product as quickly as possible.
  • If the approach is not used on the project, we help to set up CI/CD from scratch iteratively and painlessly.
Latest practices to save the budget (Data Driven Testing)
  • We introduce methods that allow increasing the set of test data without the need to write new tests (by a Junior test engineer or project manager).

How do you understand that you need Test Automation?

How do you understand that you need Test Automation

  • Your product is integrated with third-party systems that are independent of you.
  • A large-scale, long-term project with ambitious plans.
  • Extensive functionality that constantly evolves.
  • Frequent product releases: deliveries are carried out once per week or more frequently.
  • A large QA team that needs to eliminate dependencies between employees.
  • Quality problems that are not solved by manual testing.

If at least one of the above mentioned items is about your project, then it's time to think about implementing Test Automation.

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